SACRAMENTO- Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) responded to reports that President Biden will join Governor Newsom to increase taxes as their solution to high gas prices:

“Raising taxes will not lower gas prices. Period. End of story,” said Gallagher. “No one believes them when they say that raising taxes will save you money at the pump, because it won’t. In fact, I’ve heard Newsom’s plan will actually increase costs by about $1.50 per gallon. If state and federal Democrats have their way, Californians could be seeing $10 gas prices in the near future.”

The reports today come just one month after Governor Newsom announced he would be pursuing a Special Legislative Session to raise taxes in response to high gas prices. Assembly Republicans have formally requested lawmakers return to work in Sacramento and immediately take action to lower gas prices, with a focus on suspending the state’s $.54 cent gas tax. Capitol Democrats have until Thursday, November 3rd to respond to this request, according to legislative rules.

Since Governor Newsom took office, the gas tax has increased four times and California drivers are now spending around $600 per month at the pump. As of this morning, California drivers are paying $1.81 per gallon more than the national average as a result of policies passed by the Democrat super-majority in the state.

“Democrat lawmakers at the state and federal level are tone deaf to the fact that their policies are responsible for driving up costs and crushing family budgets. Americans should be insulted by the amount of denial and deflection from Democrats on gas prices,” Gallagher concluded.