SACRAMENTO-  Today, Legislative Republicans issued a statement after Democratic leadership rejected their formal request for Legislators to return to Sacramento to act on increased gas prices, tackle homelessness, and fix other urgent issues. 

“Today is yet another example of Sacramento Democrats refusing to provide relief to struggling families. The dismissal of Sacramento Democrats to address these issues is another example of why California is broken with a Democrat majority. Republicans stand strong to help all Californians to be able to pay rent, buy groceries, and put gas in their cars so they can go to work. All Democrats have done is refuse to address the everyday problems everyone in California faces, while proposing to increase taxes on essential needs.”
-Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City)

“While Democrat legislators enjoy a recess away from the Capitol, our state is suffering. Californians need action, not empty promises. As they say, ‘talk is cheap but gas prices are not!’ Legislative Republicans have solutions to immediately address our state’s issues and get California back on track. That’s why we called on Democrat leadership to reconvene the Legislature a few weeks ago. Sadly for Californians, leadership ignored our initial request. Given the urgency and severity of the problems we are facing, we cannot delay action any further.” 
-Senator Brian Jones, Chair of the Senate Republican Caucus (R-Santee)

State Senate and State Assembly Republicans have legislation prepared to address high gas prices, the homelessness crisis and re-classify crimes such as domestic violence, human trafficking and rape of an unconscious person as “violent” felonies under California penal code.

“We have work to do. Legislators need to get to Sacramento to hammer out immediate relief for Californians. They’re being hit with $6 a gallon gas prices, increasing violent crime with penalties getting stripped away, and huge homeless camps growing near schools as winter months set in. This isn’t about politics – this is about helping all Californians.”
-Assemblywoman Laurie Davies (R-Laguna Niguel)

“Top of mind for Californians is their fiscal and physical safety, and right now they are hurting from staggering gas prices and a volatile energy market. People fear being victims of crime and ever-increasing homelessness, the Legislature should act immediately to address these issues which grow worse every day. Legislators should answer the call of their constituents to reconvene the Legislature to undo policies that are hurting people.”
-Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber)

Legislative Republicans are opposed to raising taxes to address high gas prices. Throughout the 2022 legislative session, State Senate and Assembly Republicans have authored legislation that addresses several of California’s crises, including high gas prices, increased homelessness, and re-classifying crimes to be “violent” felonies under California penal code. Democrats have repeatedly refused to hear these bills and have now rejected Republican’s formal request to reconvene during Legislative Recess and fix these emergencies.