SACRAMENTO-  Today, Assembly Republican Leader Gallagher demanded an answer to Legislative Republican’s formal request to call Legislators back to Sacramento. Pursuant to Joint Rule 52, the Legislature may be recalled from joint recess and reconvene in regular session at the request of ten or more members of the Legislature. The request should be printed in the Daily Journal, starting the clock for when Democratic leadership must respond. Capitol Democrats have chosen not to print the letter in the Daily Journal, despite receiving the initial letter over five business days ago.

“Governor Newsom and the Democrats have said they would act on addressing gas prices and have done nothing but sit on their hands for over half a year,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. “We are giving them the opportunity to come back to Sacramento and do their jobs through our formal request to Democratic leadership and have heard nothing back. This is downright insulting to Californians feeling pain at the pump. We demand an answer to our request, and have solutions ready to implement to help people who are genuinely suffering ahead of the holiday season.” 

The Assembly Speaker and Senate President pro Tempore will be required to act within ten days after printing the request in the Daily Journal. Historically, there is a delay of three business days to print related topics into the Journal. If the two legislative leaders do not approve the request, Republicans will take the next step of Joint Rule 52, which includes petitioning every member of the Legislature to come back into Session to address urgent issues, which requires a two-thirds vote.