Millions Allocated for Paradise, Fairgrounds and Flood Control

SACRAMENTO – Today, Republican Senator Jim Nielsen (Red Bluff) and Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) announced helping secure millions of dollars in the state budget to help fund one-time projects for the North State.

“Sometimes the Legislature gets it right when there is bipartisan cooperation. This funding is critical to help rebuild and heal the Paradise community,” said Senator Nielsen.

“Every year we push for the budget to prioritize vital infrastructure needs. Though I wish the main budget bill spent your dollars more wisely, I am proud that we were able to obtain this funding for much needed projects in our region,” said Assemblyman Gallagher.

A total of $9.3 million was secured by the lawmakers for the Town of Paradise to help operate and maintain public roads. This funding will replace lost gas tax revenue caused by population losses and allow the Town to repair roads over the next eight years as it continues to grow and recover.

“With gas tax allocated by population, we knew we were in trouble after the Camp Fire. We need to be able to fix potholes, and we need our gas tax funds to pay for it” said Paradise Mayor Steve Crowder. “We are lucky to have great state legislators that really came through for us.”

Additionally, Nielsen and Gallagher successfully advocated for a $1 million allocation that will help protect residents, businesses, and prime farmland from flooding in Sutter County. The funding will help Reclamation District No. 1001 construct an important flood control facility that is critical for public safety.

James Hudson, Board of Trustees President of the Reclamation District offered the following comments, “Thank you Senator Nielsen and Assembly Republican Leader Gallagher for your advocacy and leadership in securing the necessary funds to help mitigate unanticipated increases in Reclamation District 1001’s local cost share requirements for an auxiliary pump station that provides critical flood control functions. Reclamation District 1001 is responsible for operation and maintenance of the levees and pump facilities which provide flood protection to the residents, businesses, and farmland in Nicolaus, Verona and Rio Oso, CA. The allocated funding will allow us to move forward with the construction of the pump station, which is vital for public safety and to protect the residents, businesses, and prime agriculture in Sutter County.”

Lastly, the Senator and Assemblyman worked with Butte County Supervisor Tod Kimmelshue to obtain $300,000 in state funding that will be used to upgrade facilities at the Butte County Fairgrounds in Gridley.

“This has been one of my priority projects since taking office and I appreciate the partnership with our legislators in helping secure state resources to help make it happen,” said County Supervisor Tod Kimmelshue. “The residents of Butte County will certainly benefit from these improvements at the fairgrounds and it shows that great things can happen when all levels of government are working together for a common goal.”