SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) sent a letter on behalf of the Assembly Republican Caucus to Governor Newsom urging him to veto Senate Bill 57, which would legalize so-called “safe drug consumption” or “supervised injection” sites as pilot programs in the counties and cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. The purpose of these sites is to allow people to use drugs under the watch of medical staff in order to reduce the risk of overdose deaths. 

“I am amazed that it needs to be pointed out that enabling the behavior of drug addicts is a bad thing. Democrats have given up on governing, so they are actively promoting crime instead. When he was in office, former Governor Jerry Brown vetoed this terrible bill and I urge Governor Newsom to do the same to protect all Californians,” said Gallagher. 

Find a copy of the letter here.