SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher issued a statement in response to a Senate proposal that would legalize drug consumption sites.

“I cannot believe the Legislature is considering a proposal that would encourage the use of open air drug markets in cities that have some of the worst rates of overdoses and criminal activity in the entire country. 

“This kind of enablement mentality is what is making the homelessness and crime problem worse in California.

“When there is no accountability for drug addiction and crime, and, in fact, policies that encourage or promote it, common sense dictates you get more of it, not less. 

“The Sacramento Police Department just released annual statistics that showed a 31% increase in reported rapes, a 26% increase in motor vehicle thefts, and a 27% increase in robberies last year. 

“These numbers are shocking, and I fear we will only see them worsen if Democratic policies like this continue to pass.

“SB 57 by Senator Scott Wiener would allow participating cities and counties to operate programs that allow the use of illegal drugs under supervision for the purpose of avoiding fatal overdoses, sometimes known as “safe injection sites.”