SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher issued a statement in response the Assembly and Senate Democrat proposal to send $200 checks to reimburse California residents for gas.

“Yesterday, the Democrats finally proposed a solution to help Californians out at the pump- $200 checks! With record high inflation and costs, the Democrats want to give you just enough money to cover a week’s worth of gas.

“And who knows when or if your check would actually get to you, or someone in prison first?

“For instance, in 2020, through the EDD program, prison inmates received over $140 million in fraudulent benefits.

“In the alternate, our proposal to suspend the gas tax would provide people the immediate relief they need and would have potentially saved people over $2400 by now if the Democrats acted in January.

“With the gas tax set to increase in July, Democrats have failed people yet again.”