Despite Capitol Democrats’ dysfunction, the Assembly voted on a number of bills that will help Californians.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher releases statements on the following bills that passed out the Assembly before the House of Origin Deadline on Friday, May 27th:

AB 1776 (Gallagher): Resource Conservation Districts: California Prompt Payment Act

-Extends protections of the California Prompt Payment Act to a contract with a resource conservation district (RCD) to ensure invoices for completed work are paid by the state. 

“I am proud to author AB 1776, which will ensure RCDs are compensated for projects by the state on time. These special districts perform important conservation projects and work that help us prepare for wildfire season. They deserve our support.”
-Asm. Gallagher 

AB 2058 (O’Donnell, Quirk-Silva): California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program
Coauthors: Gallagher, M. Dahle, Voepel 

-Increases funding for the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program (CTEIG), which helps students prepare to enter the workforce with a specialized skill. 

“Investing in technical education and training programs is an investment in a strong workforce. This bill will help better equip students who are ready to change or start their career. AB 2058 is an excellent step toward preparing people for success.”
-Asm. Gallagher 

AB 2283 (Gallagher): Public utilities: Wildfires: Victim compensation

-Requires the California Public Utilities Commission to review actions taken by PG&E that adversely affected the value of its stocks provided as a part of its settlement agreement with victims of wildfire that is a part of its 2020 bankruptcy plan following the 2018 Camp Fire.

“We must do all we can to help victims in Paradise rebuild. After their community was damaged 4 years ago, victims are still facing insurmountable challenges when receiving insurance settlements and trying to move on with their lives. This bill is one tool towards protecting them and making sure their full settlement is delivered, regardless of PG&E’s bankruptcy issues.”
 -Asm. Gallagher 

AB 2450 (Valladares): Insurance: Reporting

-Will help pave the way for insurers to start offering plans in high fire risk areas. 

“AB 2450 is a great step forward in encouraging insurance companies to cover homes in fire risk areas, which has historically been a major hurdle for residents to rebuild after a catastrophic wildfire. This is a great way to solve a part of the housing crisis equation.”
-Asm. Gallagher