In Case You Missed It SF Crime Wave Causing Federal Employees to Work from Home

As San Francisco begs employees to return to the office, federal workers in the city have been told to stay home due to the threat of rising crime.

Last Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that hundreds of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services employees were advised to work from home due to due to an unchecked open-air drug market outside the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building that houses HHS offices.

What got us here? The radical soft-on-crime policies from Democrats in Sacramento (and the refusal of San Francisco officials to enforce the law) send a message that crime is OK and will not result in serious consequences. This model for public safety is simply unsustainable. 

The grip criminals have on California cities is no secret:

“Dozens of dealers routinely plant themselves on, next to or across the street from the property, operating in shifts as users smoke, snort or shoot up their recent purchases. The property’s concrete benches are an especially popular site for users to get high, socialize or pass out.”

 Californians across our state deserve to be safe where they live and work. When the federal government tells its own employees not to go into the office out of fear, it’s sending a clear message that nobody is safe.