In Case You Missed It CA Gas Prices Break $5, Now Highest in Nation

Is Newsom still bragging about “holding Big Oil accountable”?

California is once again the national leader … in pain at the pump.

This week, AAA reported the state’s average gas price has soared to over $5 a gallon and is once again the highest in the nation. 

The soaring prices come as Governor Gavin Newsom just announced his new “oil watchdog” to go get the boogeymen of “Big Oil.” 

The question is worth asking: If oil companies were truly ripping off Californians for the heck of it, shouldn’t prices be falling by now? 

We’re seeing definitive proof that Newsom’s sham investigations are nothing but a sad attempt to deflect blame for high gas prices,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “Eventually he’s going to run out of excuses and Californians will realize that their pain at the pump is a direct result of Newsom’s incompetence and radical anti-energy policies.”