In Case You Missed It CalMatters: Texas Dominates California in the Category of Homelessness

Today, CalMatters highlighted the success Texas leaders have had in reducing homelessness by over 25% in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, in California, homelessness soared by 43%, despite spending 13x more per homeless person. 

What’s the difference? California’s failure to build enough housing makes it outrageously expensive to get people off the street and Democrat state officials lack the courage to crack down on encampments. 

And things don’t look good for a turnaround – with new home construction slowing, nothing in Newsom’s permitting reform plan to streamline housing projects, and Democrats killing bills to ban encampments near schools, daycares or playgrounds. 

Bottom line: Unlike Texas, California Democrats continue throwing tens of billions of dollars at the homelessness crisis with nothing to show for it. Maybe that’s why more and more Californians are packing up and heading to the Lone Star State.