Gallagher Statement on Passage of Budget

“Californians are getting ripped off.” 

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher issued the following statement slamming the opaque, special interest giveaway that Democrats are calling a budget:

Our constituents pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, and for what? Democratic donors in Hollywood are getting a cash handout. California’s mobile homeless shelters/drug dens (formerly known as ‘public transit’) are getting a bailout. The energy commissioners who can barely keep the lights on are getting rewarded with a pay raise.

And what do regular Californians get? A small business tax increase to pay for Newsom’s botched COVID response. Fiscal gimmicks that promise even more deficits in the future. An attack on our referendum process to make the affordability crisis even worse. Nothing to speed housing construction. Nothing to streamline wildfire prevention projects. Nothing to actually bring down costs – in fact, they’re only going up.

Californians are getting ripped off.”