In Case You Missed It “Large Swaths” Of Californians Eye Leaving the State as Affordability Crisis Worsens

Today, The LA Times highlighted the ever-growing question floating in the minds of countless families across the state: “should we leave California?” According to the article, more than 40% of Californians are seriously considering packing their bags.  

According to The Times, “about 61% pointed to the high cost of living here as the reason they’d go.”

These soon-to-be Floridians aren’t just Republicans unhappy with California’s liberal politics – more than 40% of independents and nearly 30% of Democrats are thinking about a move. And while Democrats claim to be champions of diversity, “people of color are far more likely to say that the expense of living in California is the reason they might leave.”

The facts tell a sad story about California’s affordability crisis:

  • 80% of residents are dissatisfied with the cost of everyday living
  • 70% of Californians are dissatisfied with the economy.
  • 55% are unhappy with health care and housing costs.
  • 46% of people have trouble saving money or paying for unexpected expenses – a six percentage point increase since April 2022.
  • 18% of Californians struggle to make ends meet every month.

Republicans are focused on making California more affordable. What are Capitol Democrats doing? Raising the gas tax in July.