Assembly Republicans Release Video Highlighting Newsom’s “Dominance” in Homelessness, Poverty, Taxes & More

With a record like his, Newsom’s got no business bragging to anyone. 

SACRAMENTO – Today, after Gov. Newsom bragged that California “dominates in every major category,” Assembly Republicans released a video highlighting some of those areas where California leads the nation: homelessness, poverty, gas prices, taxes and more.  The video, titled “Dominates,” features clips of Newsom throughout his career discussing issues that he still hasn’t solved after two decades in government. 

Californians are suffering, and the Gavin Newsom is busy chasing the national spotlight and pretending like everything’s fine,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. “I can’t tell whether Newsom is ignoring the issues facing our state or is just so checked out from his job that he doesn’t know about them. Either way, Californians deserve better.” 

Before directing viewers to the Assembly Republicans policy agenda, the video highlights California’s outrageous: 

“Dominates” can be viewed HERE