**In Case You Missed It** While Newsom Was Gone, California’s Jobless Ranking Got Even Worse

Gavin Newsom was MIA for nearly half of April, as California’s jobless rate rose to the second-highest in the nation

First Newsom lectured Republican governors on how to run their states, then jetted off for a luxury Caribbean vacation, and finally hit the DC fundraising circuit to raise money for Biden.

All told, Newsom was gone for more than two weeks as California’s unemployment rate rose to 4.5% – an embarrassing 49th place in the nation. 

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher statement:Hopefully the Governor learned something about job creation on his red state tour. Now that he’s back from his vacations, it would be great if he could focus on the growing list of problems facing our state rather than chasing the national spotlight.”

And in case you’re wondering, here’s how California’s unemployment rate stacks up against four states that were definitely chosen completely at random: 

  • Alabama: 2.2%
  • Arkansas: 2.8%
  • Mississippi: 3.4%
  • Florida: 2.6%