If Newsom Wants Permitting Reform, He Could Start By Convincing His Dem Colleagues

Gavin Newsom announced a permitting reform proposal today that he claims will speed up construction of important projects. 

Welcome to the club, Governor. 

Republicans have been trying to streamline approvals for everything from roads to housing to wildfire safety projects for years. 

The biggest obstacle? Newsom’s Democratic colleagues in the Legislature. 

Just this year, they’ve killed proposals to: 

Special interests have hijacked our permitting process to block projects to bring down housing costs, keep people safe and improve Californians’ quality of life,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “Rather than piecemeal exceptions for stadiums and pet projects, it’s time for across-the-board reforms. Gavin Newsom loves to brag that he can ‘jam’ Democratic lawmakers. Let’s see it. Republicans are ready to work with him towards real reforms.