“Homeless encampments in our parks, near our rivers contribute to massive amounts of garbage, needles, human waste, and fires. The devastation is seen everywhere. But, $17 billion dollars have been spent and they’ll continue to say we’re spending all this money on homelessness. Where did the money go?… Just this week, news broke  that the City of Sacramento spent 617,000 dollars on a homeless shelter that never got built. We can call it the shelter that never was.”
-Asm. James Gallagher

“I was horrified when I read the results of recent report from the California State Auditor regarding the Child Abuse Central Index… The report found that almost half of reported child abuse cases were missing from the database. Omitting 22,000 people from a database puts infants, babies, and children at risk of physical or mental trauma, and even life or death… We demand immediate action from the Administration to correct these errors.”
-Asm. Suzette Martinez Valladares 

“Our fire season runs through the summer months, through the fall, and into the beginning of winter. Coming up next week, we have to pass the budget and we have to act. This budget says the funding will be allocated later. As we look at this, where did the money go? Where did it go in the past, and where did it go today? Because that’s money out of your pockets, out of your gas tanks, out of your money to feed your kids. It’s money that’s supposed to protect you from wildfires and protect you from raining ash on you and your families. This money needs to get moved, it needs to be responsible, it needs to be clear and transparent, and it needs to get done.”
-Asm. Devon J. Mathis 

“Can you believe that more than 20 billion dollars were paid to fraudulent claims? The worst part was that the state paid 800 million dollars to criminals in prison because the EDD didn’t check their records… We are calling on the Newsom administration to ensure that whatever failure occurred at EDD in the past will not be repeated so we can protect precious taxpayer dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse.”
-Asm. Dr. Steven Choi

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher
Assemblywoman Suzette Martinez Valladares 
Assemblyman Devon J. Mathis
Assemblyman Dr. Steven Choi, PhD.
Assemblywoman Laurie Davies
Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto