Yesterday’s vote to move on a gas tax proposal received support from both sides of the aisle. Will the Democrats finally act on skyrocketing fuel prices?

Calmatters wrote an excellent piece on the potential benefits of a gas tax holiday for Californians in lieu of a few half-hearted measures put forth by the Democrats earlier this year. 
The Democrat solution to cut small checks directly to those in specific income brackets does not solve the fuel price crisis.

Calmatters frankly asked what all of us were thinking, “Do they have a point?”

“Probably not,” was the reply of UC Davis energy economist Erich Muehlegger. He continued on to state that, “When gas taxes are cut, ‘you tend to see most of those benefits — not necessarily all of those benefits, but most — going back to consumers in the form of lower retail prices.”

Put simply, if Democrats had enacted gas tax legislation back in January, Californians could have already saved an average of $2400 in gas so far this year.
Thanks to California’s high gas taxes, consumers pay over $1.50 in fees for each gallon of gas. The added fee supposedly goes directly to maintaining our infrastructure, but in reality, our roads remain lined with potholes while we foot the bill for all of the bureaucracy intended to oversee them.
Now, for the first time in nine years, gas has become so unaffordable that demand is set to decline. On Tuesday, the average gallon of gas in the US hit $4.59, and over $6 in California. Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend, this is an alarming thought for anyone planning on traveling. 
With the looming threat of $7.00 gas just around the corner, Republicans once again tried to force a vote on a bipartisan proposal on the Assembly floor to no avail. In response, 30 Republican and Democrat lawmakers signed a letter to the Speaker petitioning to move the bill from its current policy committee for a vote on the floor before Friday’s deadline.

Market disruptions, inflation, and the fuel crisis have all been exacerbated by Democrats’ inaction at the state and federal levels.
In response to demolishing the economy, Democrats told you to go buy a Tesla with their proposed $400 check.

California families need a respite. It’s time to suspend the gas tax.