SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republicans gathered in front of a local gas station ahead of a pivotal vote to suspend the gas tax. For the third time this year, Democrats struck down any efforts to lower gas prices as they continue to escalate. Ahead of Memorial Day weekend travel, Republicans wanted to put forward a bipartisan solution that would have passed on savings to consumers at the pump, though Democrats continued to play party politics and were not in favor of hearing this legislation on the floor.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) was joined by colleagues Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin), Assemblywoman Laurie Davies (R- Laguna Niguel), Assemblyman Steven Choi (R-Irvine), and Assemblyman Thurston Smith (R-Apple Valley) in front of a Sacramento gas station to discuss bipartisan proposal AB 2547 ahead of a vote on the Assembly floor that took place this morning. This legislation would have suspended the gas tax for one year and require that all revenue generated by the tax be passed on directly to the consumer. 
Assembly Members of the Republican Caucus released the following statements:

“This morning we are here to talk about the gas prices and much-needed relief California families need. As Republicans, we have been pushing for a gas tax suspension since the beginning, when we introduced a bill in January and pushed for a vote and brought a vote to the floor… we need to provide this relief. People have waited far too long… we are now on day 77 of the Governor promising to provide gas tax relief. The good news is, there’s been a bipartisan measure that’s been introduced, AB 2457, which has both Democrats and Republicans who have signed on. We are going to bring it to the floor and vote on it now. We are not going to wait any longer.” -Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher

“Yesterday, Joe Biden celebrated high gas prices as we make our ‘incredible transition’. Apparently, it’s more incredible here in California than anywhere else as our gas prices climb to astronomic levels… our caucus is fighting to reverse the tide. We are fighting to make sure people can stay and build a career, raise a family, and retire. We are ready to meet our colleagues on the other side of the aisle when they are ready to work on real solutions. That starts today, this morning, when we will give them another chance to vote on suspending the gas tax.” –Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

“When Republicans first proposed suspending the gas tax on January 12, gas prices were just $4.58 on average in California according to AAA…if you tally up how much Californians would have saved since then if we had enacted the gas tax suspension, that number comes to about $2,400 dollars per person. If you are looking at a family, that number nearly doubles. That’s a far cry from the small checks the Governor has been proposing to send. Californians deserve better. In some parts of the state, gas is nearly $8 a gallon. That is unacceptable and unsustainable for our communities… enough is enough.” –Assemblywoman Laurie Davies

“Legislative Democrats continue to delay while Californians struggle to pay. Why hide behind process, deadlines, and blame, when we can take action today by using a small portion of the Governor’s nearly 100 billion dollars of budget surplus to temporarily suspend the gas tax and lower gas prices by over 50 cents immediately? How many more gas price records does California have to break before Legislative Democrats take action? How much longer can we ask hardworking families to choose between filling up their gas tank or buying groceries? I emphatically urge the Legislature to suspend the gas tax and give these families a 50 cent break now. Today is the time to pass AB 2457.” – Assemblyman Steven Choi, Ph.D.

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*UPDATE: Republicans brought forward a motion to bring A.B. 2457 to the floor for a vote, and the motion failed.