CA Dems Silent as Prices Near Record

Normally we send these around to alert the media to stories they might not have seen, but in this case, it’s our Democratic colleagues that need the reminder. 
This morning, The Washington Post reported that national Democrats have finally woken up to the devastating impact of high gas prices and are thinking about a gas tax holiday to ease the pain. 
But here in California, Capitol Democrats are silent on gas prices as commuters, businesses and parents all deal with fuel costs less than a cent from their all-time record. Weeks ago, Governor Newsom paid lip service to the issue with a proposal to delay a scheduled gas tax increase, but that will do nothing to actually bring prices down. 
“Gas prices and inflation are taking a bigger and bigger bite out of Californians’ paychecks, and Capitol Democrats either don’t know or don’t care,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “Californians need immediate relief from rising costs, but under Democrats’ failed leadership, prices just keep rising.”
A Republican proposal, AB 1638, from Asm. Kevin Kiley would suspend 100% of California’s gas tax for six months and ease the crushing burden of inflation on working-class Californians.