Legislation Year - 2021-2022

*Passed* AB 36 would help the Town of Paradise recover from the devastating impacts of the Camp Fire by authorizing the use of the design-build project delivery method for a water pipeline and a sewer treatment project.  These are critical infrastructure projects that will provide essential services while increasing fire resiliency.
*Passed* AB 232 would amend California Vehicle Code §38010(b)(10) to limit California’s Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) reciprocity provision only to those states which recognize California registered OHVs to be legal to operate within their state.
*Passed* AB 379 corrects an oversight in code that prevents the management of conservation lands by California Native American Tribes. The bill also authorizes the Wildlife Conservation Board to award grants or loans to California Native American Tribes for the purposes of fish and wildlife habitat restoration, enhancement, management, protection and improvement of riparian resources, and for the development of compatible public access facilities.
*Passed* AB 850 extends the sunset date on a pilot program created by AB 2339 (2018) to encourage the voluntary consolidation of small municipal water systems (in the cities of El Monte, Montebello, and Willows into larger systems to improve water services for Californians.
*Passed* AB 1079 clarifies which beneficiaries under a revocable trust are owed duties by the trustee in the event the settlor or other person holding the power to revoke the trust is deemed incompetent.
AB 1249 would clarify California’s tax code to exclude all types of claimants from paying state taxes on compensation for damages received out of PG&E’s “Fire Victims Trust”.  This would help ensure fire victims receive just compensation for the economic and non-economic damages caused by the fires.
AB 1381 would provide an extra layer of protection from fraud for LLC members who file a Statement of Information (SOI) with the Secretary of State. The bill would require a simple notification from the SOS to the original SOI filer so they can take action if any suspected fraudulent activity has taken place within their LLC.
AB 1599 would repeal proposition 47 except  for the provisions related to possession of concentrated cannabis, and reduces the value threshold for embezzlement of an elder or dependent adult and for grand theft to be punishable as felonies from $950 to $400.
AB 1753 would re-establish a maximum three-year probation sentence for specified serious wildlife poaching violations.
AB 1776 would include Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) within the list of entities entitled to late payment penalties when a state fails to make payment for goods and services to an RCD pursuant to a contract.