ICYMI: Oakland (Unsurprisingly) Cooked the Crime Books

SACRAMENTO – This morning, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that despite what city officials – and Governor Newsom – have said, Oakland’s crime rates are not down 33%.

These overstated improvements are a product of incomplete data comparisons and unreported crime, misleading the public on just how poorly the city is handling its crime crisis.

Instead of outright cooking the books, Sacramento took a different strategy to lower its ‘reported’ crime rates. As reporting by the Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento City Attorney is threatening to fine a Target store for reporting retail theft “too often” to police.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher slammed the city’s threat in a statement to Fox Digital, saying “Newsom keeps insisting that reports of theft are dropping – well now we know why. Not only are thieves let off without even a slap on the wrist, but now the victims are being threatened for even reporting crimes.”  

Whether it’s cooking the books or intimidating victims, Democrat-led cities are doing everything to bring down their crime numbers except actually holding criminals accountable.