ICYMI: “They’re just not buying his 🐂💩 anymore.”

Gallagher blasts Dem lawsuit to disenfranchise CA voters and Newsom’s democracy hypocrisy.

Yesterday in an interview with Fox 40’s Eytan Wallace, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) blasted Gavin Newsom’s democracy hypocrisy as the California Supreme Court heard the governor’s lawsuit kick the Taxpayer Protection Act off the ballot.

He’s fine with taking away your right to vote on the ballot in November. So look, I think people see the hypocrisy and they’re just not buying his bulls*** anymore,” said Gallagher. 

The governor and his Democrat allies claim to be champions of democracy, but they’re working overtime to stop Californians from exercising their democratic rights this November.

Instead of blowing tax dollars on lawyers to strip Californians of their rights, Governor Newsom and legislative Democrats should focus on solving some of their other problems – like the $73 billion budget crisis. 

Californians should be able to vote on the Taxpayer Protection Act this November, and Newsom has no right to stop them.