You say “po-TAY-to,” I say “po-TAH-to.”

Newsom says “progress,” literally any sane person says “failure.”

Newsom was in SoCal yesterday celebrating the “progress” of his homelessness programs. 

Just one problem – since he took office, he’s spent $20 billion and made the problem 20% worse

By any objective standard, that’s called “failure,” not “progress.” 

But rather than chalking that doublespeak up to gaslighting by the governor (he would never…), it looks like he just doesn’t have a handle on the meaning of “progress.” 

📈  In 2021, Newsom touted “progress” in California’s economic recovery from COVID. At the time, California had the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE OF ANY STATE.  

💧  Last year, he cheered California’s “progress to boost water supplies.” California HASN’T BUILT A NEW RESERVOIR SINCE 1978, even though voters approved billions of dollars for that NEARLY A DECADE AGO.

🚂  In December, his administration boasted of “continued progress” on High-Speed Rail. That project is $94 BILLION OVER BUDGET and they’ve just GIVEN UP ON TELLING PEOPLE WHEN IT WILL BE FINISHED.

Maybe once the governor figures out the difference between “progress” and “failure” he’ll actually be able to turn things around for struggling Californians.