Stumped at the Pump – Dems Puzzled that Less Competition = High Gas Prices

🕵️‍♂️ “Big Oil” is Detective Newsom’s prime suspect, but he’s not going to like the latest clue.

There’s a new clue in the mystery of high gas prices, and it blows up Detective Newsom’s theory of the case.

While the governor keeps pointing the finger at the “Big Oil” boogeyman, a new study shows that a lack of competition among gas stations drives prices higher.

That matches testimony earlier this year from energy market expert Dave Hacket, who said California gas prices are “higher than the rest of the country because of a lack of competition. One factor in the lack of competition is that California has twice as many licensed drivers per station as the rest of the country.”

How did Democrats respond? They pushed to phase out gas stations and drive prices even higher.