Assembly Republicans to Introduce Resolution Condemning Hamas

“Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization that carried out the worst atrocity against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republicans announced a resolution condemning Hamas, the terrorist group responsible for the October 7 attack on Israel that killed approximately 1,200 people, including nearly 850 innocent civilians. As a growing number of anti-Semitic extremists work to excuse or minimize the savagery of the October 7 attacks, Republicans are calling on the Legislature to condemn the terrorist organization and its violent actions. In recognition of the issue’s importance, Republicans will introduce the resolution immediately upon the Legislature reconvening for the 2024 session. 

There must be moral clarity on this issue. Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization that carried out the worst atrocity against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Its members raped, killed, and mutilated women and children in accordance with their stated intent to wipe Israel from the face of the earth,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “As leaders and as humans, we must speak out against such evil and unequivocally condemn Hamas and its barbaric ideology.” 

In the weeks since Hamas’ October 7 attack, a number of progressive activists and organizations have celebrated the terrorist organization and its acts of violence. From campus groups cheering the terrorists to anti-Israel activists storming the California Democrat Party convention, there has been a disturbing trend of pro-Hamas rhetoric and unrest. Last week, amid a contingent of speakers making excuses for or denying the facts of the October 7 attacks, the Oakland City Council rejected an effort to condemn Hamas and the bloodshed it has caused.  

We cannot ignore the horror of what is happening in Israel. Terrorism must be condemned,” said Assemblywoman Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach). “My thoughts are with the women and children impacted by this war. In this season of Hanukkah and celebrating the bringing of light into darkness, I stand with Israel.

In addition to the murders they committed on October 7, Hamas terrorists took 247 hostages (including 136 still in captivity), have been accused of preventing Palestinian civilians from evacuating combat areas, and used hospital patients and employees as human shields