Gallagher Announces Funding for Small Agricultural Businesses Impacted by Drought, Flooding

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) is proud to announce the opening of applications for the Small Agricultural Business Drought and Flood Relief Grant Program. Established in 2022, this program provides crucial support to California’s agricultural industry, which has been struggling to recover from the devastating effects of extreme weather.

In 2022, the program received $75 million in initial funding to provide relief to agricultural businesses impacted by drought. Recognizing the extraordinary need faced by our farmers, Assemblyman Gallagher championed legislation, Assembly Bill 1044, to secure additional funding for the program. An extra $20 million was later included in the state budget, enabling the program to expand its scope to offer relief to businesses impacted by flooding.

California’s agricultural industry is the backbone of our state’s economy and our farmers have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years,” said GallagherHigh input costs combined with inflation and regulatory expenses have put the agricultural industry in a precarious situation, jeopardizing producers’ continued operation. This funding addresses a critical need to help keep these businesses open and workers employed.

The Small Agricultural Business Drought and Flood Relief Grant Program is now open for applications and eligible farmers who have been affected by drought or floods are strongly encouraged to apply for this essential relief. Designed to assist small agricultural businesses most impacted by recent drought and flood conditions, the program offers direct grants ranging from $20,000 to $100,000.

How to Apply:

Interested farmers are encouraged to review their eligibility and apply by visiting the official website: