Assembly Republicans to Force Floor Vote on Human Trafficking Bill

SACRAMENTO – Tomorrow, Legislative Republicans will force a vote of the full Assembly on Senate Bill 14, which would designate human trafficking of a minor as a serious felony, making repeat offenders eligible for longer sentences. SB 14, by Sen. Shannon Grove, received unanimous support in the State Senate earlier in the year, but was voted down by Democrats Tuesday in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Yesterday’s vote was in line with the Democrats’ dangerous track record of putting the welfare of criminals above the safety of Californians. 

Human traffickers are the scum of the earth – predators who commit unspeakable acts against innocent victims. And that is who Democrats on the Public Safety Committee are looking out for,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “If the extremist Democrats who blocked this bill won’t stand up for trafficking victims, we’ll go around them to give the entire Assembly a vote on this issue.

Tomorrow is the last time the Assembly will meet before leaving for a month-long summer recess. Californians have waited long enough for action on this issue.