Assembly Republicans Call on Newsom to Back Fentanyl Legislation

Bipartisan bills to crack down on traffickers deserve Governor’s support.

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republicans called on Governor Gavin Newsom to support fentanyl-legislation that will be heard by the Assembly Public Safety Committee this Thursday. In a letter, members of the Assembly Republican Caucus highlighted Newsom’s previous support for “expand[ed] enforcement efforts” against fentanyl traffickers and urged the governor to back legislative efforts to hold fentanyl dealers accountable for poisoning California communities.

Gov. Newsom has boasted about his ability to ‘jam’ Democratic lawmakers. Now is his opportunity to use those skills to end the fentanyl killing spree,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “I don’t often agree with the Governor, but one thing is certain – when he speaks, Democrats in the legislature listen. There is no better use of his political influence than supporting this bipartisan, common-sense legislation to fight the fentanyl epidemic.”

This Thursday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will hear several bills to increase enforcement against fentanyl traffickers, four of which are highlighted in the letter by Republicans as must-pass legislation. The hearing comes in the wake of a protest by law enforcement and family members of fentanyl victims frustrated by the committee’s refusal to consider bills on the crisis, and only was announced after Assembly Republicans publicly announced their plan to force a vote on the proposals by the entire Assembly.

In addition to urging the Governor to weigh in, Assembly Republicans are also calling on Californians to demand action from the Public Safety Committee. Committee members can be reached by phone or email; a list of members and their contact information is available here.

Assembly Republicans’ letter to the Governor can be viewed here.