Assembly Republicans Unanimously Oppose Gavin’s Gas Tax

Caucus is united against Newsom proposal that will risk price spikes & fuel rationing.

SACRAMENTO – All 18 members of the Assembly Republican Caucus have signed a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom opposing his plan to impose an oil windfall tax. The letter, circulated by Assemblyman Josh Hoover (R-Folsom), noted that the proposal would put Californians at risk of fuel shortages and price spikes.

We know why gas prices are so high in California: taxes, fees and regulations drive up costs and restrict our fuel supply,” said Assemblyman Hoover. “The governor’s tax plan is a distraction from those issues and could make things even worse. I’m grateful for my colleagues who are standing up for California drivers by opposing this new tax.

Last week, Asm. Hoover invited all 80 Assemblymembers to sign the letter and focus on real solutions to bring down gas prices.

To view the letter, list of signers, criticism of the governor’s plan from economists and energy industry experts, and alternative ways to lower fuel prices, CLICK HERE.