Assembly Democrats Back Special Session for Gavin’s New Gas Tax

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Democrats today voted unanimously to continue with Governor Gavin Newsom’s special legislative session to impose a new tax on gasoline. By opposing Assembly Republicans’ motion to end the special session, Democrats backed the Governor’s effort to deflect blame for high gas prices from the state’s taxes and regulations. While gas prices nationwide are expected to fall this year, experts predict prices in California will again approach $7 per gallon in the coming months.

“Californians don’t want $7 gas prices again this summer,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. “Republicans want to scale back the taxes and regulations that drive California gas prices higher than almost every other state. Democrats want to play games with phony investigations and Gavin’s new gas tax. Today’s call to end the special session is a call for a reality check. Nothing costs less when you raise taxes. Enough with the distractions – it’s time to get to work on real solutions.”

At a State Senate hearing last week on the issue of high gas prices, professors and energy industry experts testified that Gavin’s New Gas Tax would likely fail to reduce prices at the pump, while creating shortages and gas lines.

Last week, legislative Republicans called on Governor Newsom to address our state’s high gas costs and prevent a summer price spike by:

  1. Delaying the switch to California’s summer blend of gas, which can add 20 cents to the cost of a gallon of gas;
  2. Extend the tax holiday on diesel fuel;
  3. Suspend the 8% gas tax increase scheduled to take effect July 1.

The Governor has yet to respond to the Republican request.