SACRAMENTO – Today, Legislative Republicans formally requested the State Legislature to reconvene in Sacramento to act on reducing gas prices and tackling other urgent matters.

“We cannot wait until next year. Soaring gas prices and the explosion of violent crime and homeless camps must be addressed immediately,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “Californians expect and deserve their government to act, especially to lower prices at the pump. Republicans are ready and willing.”

“The legislature should take a lesson from Nike and ‘Just do it.’ People need help now, not empty promises of something months down the road,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (Santa Clarita). “Republicans are united in our call for the legislature to reconvene now and tackle the pressing issues families are worried about – skyrocketing gas prices, a worsening homeless epidemic, and rising crime. Empty promises don’t cut it – let’s do it!” 

Governor Newsom recently announced his intention to call a Special Session on December 5th to vote on a tax increase proposal. Republicans are opposed to the Governor’s Special Session on tax increases, which some say will add an additional $1.50 per gallon in California.

“Right now, Californians are suffering. Skyrocketing gas prices consume working families’ monthly budgets,” said Senator Brian Jones (Santee). “Crime wreaks havoc in our communities and threatens our safety. Homelessness continues to spiral out of control as a public health and safety crisis. Legislative Republicans have solutions to immediately address these issues and get California back on track. Given the urgency and severity of the problems we are facing, we cannot delay action any further—the Legislature should immediately reconvene.”

“California is defined by crises,” said Assemblyman Vince Fong (Kern County). “Families are financially strained from soaring gas prices and inflation, and they feel unsafe in their homes due to increasing violent crimes and homeless encampments. Instead of more taxes that Gov. Newsom is pushing, the Legislature needs to focus on the basics and address the immediate concerns of everyday Californians.”

Today’s request by Legislative Republicans would reconvene the Legislature via Joint Rule 52 with a focus on the urgent issues that matter most to Californians.

“Californians are hurting, and we have a job to do,” said Assemblywoman Laurie Davies (Laguna Niguel). “We need to come together now to suspend the gas tax, put teeth in our penalties to combat violent crime, and actually address the increasing homeless crisis. With inflation and skyrocketing gas prices, this emergency situation- without immediate action- is only going to get worse.”

“In California, gasoline is almost $7 a gallon, cereal is nearly $8 a box, human-trafficking is rampant, drugs and homeless encampments line our streets and the Democrat majority spent the year prioritizing their green utopia which has exponentially increased all energy prices, transportation and the cost of living. It’s time they come back to the table and adopt the real solutions Republicans have provided them,” said Senator Shannon Grove (Bakersfield).

Pursuant to Joint Rule 52, the Legislature may be recalled from joint recess and reconvene in regular session at the request of ten or more Members of the Legislature, which was accomplished by today’s request. The Assembly Speaker and Senate President pro Tempore are now required to act within ten days. If the two legislative leaders do not approve the request, Republicans will take the next step of Joint Rule 52 which includes petitioning every member of the Legislature to come back into Session to address these urgent issues, which requires a two-thirds vote.

Republicans in the State Senate and State Assembly have legislation prepared to address the homelessness crisis, should Democrats agree to a return to work. As noted in today’s request, Republicans are also prepared to move quickly on bipartisan legislation to re-classify crimes such as domestic violence, human trafficking and rape of an unconscious person as “violent” felonies under California penal code.

Earlier this year, Republicans made three attempts to lower fuel prices by suspending the state’s $.54 cent gas tax, but were denied by opposition from the Democrat supermajority. With gas prices soaring to record levels, Republican lawmakers are again insisting that the Legislature suspend the state gas tax and reduce the fees and regulations that make California gas so much more expensive than the rest of the nation.

Read a copy of the letter here.