Make your voice heard and add your name to stop gas prices from increasing!

SACRAMENTO- Today, the Assembly Republican Caucus launched a public petition asking for constituents’ help in urging Governor Newsom and Capitol Democrats to cancel the Special Legislative Session the Governor called for December 5th to impose a new windfall tax. In an additional letter to Governor Newsom and Democrat leadership, the Caucus renewed their call to suspend the state’s $.54 cent gas tax and requested an audit of where our gas tax money is going after it was recently reported that California’s roads are the least maintained in all fifty U.S. states. 

“Repeatedly I’ve joined Assembly Republicans to ask Sacramento Democrats to suspend the gas tax, and for over six months, the majority party has promised action on skyrocketing gas prices but has done nothing,” said Assemblywoman Laurie Davies. “Instead, prices have jumped in the most significant increase in the last seven years. The fees, taxes and regulations in California are making our gas the most expensive in the nation. There are steps that can be taken now to reduce taxes and fees and bring immediate relief to Californians – before they are left deciding whether to buy milk for their family or gas for their car in order to get to work.”

“The tax increase Democrats are proposing is insulting,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. “They need to face reality…it’s their policy decisions that are driving up the cost of fuel in California. With record high inflation and $7 a gallon gas prices, the last thing struggling families need right now is another tax. Policymakers should be solely focused on ways to lower gas prices. More taxes are not the answer.”

“At a time when Californians need affordable, reliable, and dependable energy, Governor Newsom’s policies have made gas and energy more expensive and unreliable. The Governor cannot tax his way out of this energy crisis,” said Assemblyman Vince Fong. “The Governor can’t put the blame anywhere else for this crisis but on himself.”

Click on the video below to watch Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher’s response.