SACRAMENTO- Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) issued a statement after Governor Newsom sent a letter to the California Air Resources Board urging them to allow oil refineries to begin making and distributing a cheaper winter blend of gasoline. 

“The Governor just doesn’t get it. Every other state is seeing relief from high gas prices. The problem in California is policy. We need major action on these prices, starting with suspending the gas tax and additional fees that make our gas so much more expensive here. All of these fees should be paused to account for rising inflation. Anything less is totally unacceptable.” said Gallagher. 

Californians pay over a dollar per gallon in taxes and fees alone. Today, according to AAA , gas prices in California have reached a whopping average of $6.29 per gallon. 

It has been 205 days since Capitol Democrats promised action on soaring gas prices.