SACRAMENTO – Today on the Assembly Chamber floor, Capitol Democrats are expected to force the Legislature to vote on Governor Newsom’s climate proposals introduced within the last three days of the Legislative 2022 session. All of these bills were amended outside of the regular committee process and without any input from industry leaders. Despite the latest move to ban all cars by 2035, Democrats want to continue to crush businesses and individuals with more onerous regulations and without any public input. Among the bills in the package:

Assembly Bill 2133 adopts new 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, going from 40% to 55% below the 1990 level.

Assembly Bill 1279 sets the state’s goal to be carbon neutral no later than 2045 into state law. 

California Air Resources Board data concluded these proposals to be “economically and technically infeasible due to the current lack of low-carbon energy infrastructure, unavailability of technology, large job loss and high implementation costs.” Additionally, new emission reduction mandates would potentially add $50,000 to the median price of a home.

Will the supermajority continue to crush Californians with another massive cost increase?