SACRAMENTO –Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) sent a letter signed by all Assembly Republican Caucus Members to Attorney General Rob Bonta: 

“It is bad enough that law abiding gun owners have had their rights continually eroded by misguided gun laws that are passed every year, and now their very personal data and privacy has been violated by this leak.”

“We call for more and more gun safety laws in California, but the state has proven through its many failures that they do not care about protecting the safety of our own personal data. They have just broken the trust of gun owners across the state and put thousands of Californians at risk for identity theft, fraud, or worse,” said Assembly Republican Leader Gallagher.

The letter signed by all California Assembly Republican Caucus Members urges the Attorney General to submit the findings of an investigation regarding the recent leak of personal information of individuals that had applied for a carry concealed firearms (CCW) permit. The leak occurred on Monday, June 28 with the launch of the Firearms Dashboard Portal, a database intended to keep records of firearms sales and other related statistics. 

To view the letter signed by California Assembly Republicans in its entirety, please click here.