Apparently the highest gas prices in the country aren’t high enough for Capitol Dems

SACRAMENTO – Democrats have acknowledged they will miss a key deadline to delay a $500 million gas tax increase set for July 1. Despite inflation at a 40-year high and gas prices $1.55 above the national average, Democrats’ inaction means Californians will be paying even more for their commutes this summer. 

“This is pathetic – Democrats have pretty much given up on providing relief to struggling Californians,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City). “Regular people are having to make hard choices about what part of their household budgets to cut. By allowing yet another gas tax increase, Democratic politicians are making those choices even harder.”

In addition to refusing to suspend the upcoming gas tax increase, legislative Democrats have voted repeatedly against a Republican plan to suspend the entirety of the state gas tax and reduce costs by 50 cents per gallon. A number of other states have passed bipartisan gas tax suspensions, which immediately brought prices down.

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