Apparently 6,400 dead Californians in one year isn’t enough for Dems to crack down.

Between April 2020 and April 2021, there were an estimated 6,400 deadly fentanyl overdoses  in California. 

But that’s still not enough to make a difference to Capitol Dems, who would rather watch thousands of Californians die than get tough on fentanyl dealers. 

That’s the takeaway from two reports by CalMatters and the LA Times on Democratic resistance to getting tough on the criminals behind the fentanyl epidemic. 

Emily Hoeven from CalMatters noted “cracking down on fentanyl dealers could prove to be a tough sell in the supermajority-Democratic Legislature, which generally favors rehabilitation programs over adding penalties that could result in longer sentences.”

And Hannah Wiley from the LA Times reported “California Democrats have in recent years shied away from adding penalties to the state’s penal code in favor of supporting rehabilitation and diversion programs.”

How many more Californians have to die before Democrats finally get serious about the fentanyl epidemic that’s killing people up and down the state?